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Stay Ready, Nyc! A Guide To National Preparedness Month And Beyond

September 30th, 2022

As National Preparedness Month ends, we are encouraging New Yorkers to take steps now to prepare for emergencies. By being aware of specific risks and making a plan for each scenario, especially in an era of increased climate disasters, you can help keep yourself and your family safe.

Create an Emergency Checklist

Make a plan to evaluate risks and ensure that your specific needs, and the needs of each family or household member, are accounted for. NYC Emergency Management offers a range of interactive preparedness materials in 13 different languages to guide you through the process. Preparedness is an ongoing conversation, but it’s best to begin tackling this project as soon as possible, before disaster strikes.

Graphic with a clipboard icon & text: Stay Ready, NYC! Create an Emergency Checklist. Make a household disaster plan. Plan for everybody's needs. Gather enough emergency household supplies to survive for 7 days. Pack a GO Bag! Stay informed via Notify NYC

Make a Household Disaster Plan

Plan your course of action in case of an emergency, including how you will communicate with one another. Talk through each specific scenario and research available resources and best practices. Research the insurance plans that will cover the emergencies that may impact you. Read the fine print: ensure you’re aware of any loopholes in coverage. The list below is intended as a starting point to help you plan for potential emergencies that can take place in New York City, including:

Hurricanes, tropical storms, and flooding

Extreme heat

Winter storms, extreme cold, and blizzards

House and building fires

  • Use FDNY’s online Resource Center for information on fire safety and other hazards in nine languages. Knowing common causes of fires and planning for what to do in the event of a fire can be lifesaving.

Disruptions to utility and building amenity services, like gas, electricity, and elevator outages, especially in large buildings

House falls, injuries, and health emergencies

Plan for Everybody’s Needs!

Find tips for:

Gather Emergency Household Supplies to Survive for Seven Days

Keep enough supplies in your home to survive for seven days, including water, nonperishable, ready-to-eat canned foods, a first-aid kit, and medication. If you receive sufficient notice of an emergency, order any available refills for essential medication.

Pack a Go Bag!

Prepare a Go Bag with critical supplies, copies of essential documents, a medication list, and all vital items you will need.

Stay Informed!

For all updates, visit to download the Notify NYC app, and follow @NotifyNYC on Twitter in your language! Remember: charge your electronic devices as soon as an emergency alert is issued, so you can be in the know during any emergency.

NYC: We're All in this Together

While everyone’s Emergency Checklist will differ, New Yorkers should know that none of us are alone! For assistance with emergency preparedness and resources, please feel welcome to reach out to our office for support. During an emergency, call or text 911. Emergencies can cause or exacerbate trauma; visit SAMHSA’s Survivors of Disasters Resource Portal.

The Office of the Public Advocate is also working hard to help mitigate disasters in New York City and ensure New Yorkers are safe. From advocating to prevent flooding to ensuring cooling centers are equitably distributed and fighting climate change, New Yorkers can work together to create a resilient city.

By Mirielle Clifford, Digital Media Specialist, Kashif Hussain, Deputy Public Advocate of Infrastructure & Environmental Justice, and Luiza Teixeira-Vesey, Graphic Designer

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