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Inflation Reduction Act Part 3: NYSERDA Energy Efficiency Programs

October 24th, 2023

Welcome to Part Three of our three-part series on the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), where we’ll share resources for homeowners and renters, and information on how the IRA can help New Yorkers save money (and the climate)!

The New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) offers residential programs that provide assistance to New Yorkers looking to complete energy efficiency programs for their home.

NYSERDA assistance programs can be combined with Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) tax credits and rebates to lower the cost of your home energy efficiency upgrades even further. NYSERDA recommends beginning your process with a home energy assessment (or home energy audit) before pursuing the following programs.

After receiving the free or low-cost assessment, New Yorkers can receive a customized report outlining a home’s energy performance and a list of recommended improvements. These programs above are just a small portion of the various programs offered by NYSERDA for homeowners, renters, and landlords. You can find an applicable program by going to NYSERDA’s Home Energy Efficiency Program site.

NYSERDA Programs

The NYSERDA programs listed below serve New York residents who are renters, landlords or individuals with multifamily properties or living in single-family homes.

Clean Heating & Cooling Communities Campaign

Overview: Community-based organizations in this campaign help homeowners and small businesses learn about clean heating and cooling systems that do not require oil, propane, or natural gas.

How it works: You can receive free support from qualified professionals who are knowledgeable of energy-efficient clean heating and cooling technologies and incentive and financing programs.

Applicability: Landlords & Multifamily Properties | Single Family Homes

Visit NYSERDA’s NYSERDA’s website for more information on how to find a community campaign in your borough.

Photo of a person holding a light bulb with one hand while writing with the other hand. A stack of coins and miniatues of houses are also pictured.

Photo of a person holding a light bulb with one hand while writing with the other hand. A stack of coins and miniatues of houses are also pictured.


Overview: Helps low-and moderate-income households save energy and money toward energy improvements made to their property. Income-eligible owners and renters of 1-4 family homes are eligible for project incentives.

How it works: Participants will receive a free home energy assessment to review their energy usage and financial discounts on energy efficiency improvements.

Applicability: Renters | Landlords & Multifamily Properties | Single Family Homes

Visit the NYSERDA EmPower+ Application portal to view the application details and process.

Multifamily Buildings Programs

Overview: NYSERDA showcases a ton of incentives and assistance specifically for multifamily building properties and owners. You can join the NYSERDA email list to receive more information about their multifamily programs or energy efficiency in multifamily buildings.

How it works: NYSERDA offers multiple opportunities for owners and managers of multifamily buildings to optimize building performance. View NYSERDA’s Multifamily Program Menu for more information and details on available programs, incentives, and how they all work.

Applicability: Landlords & Multifamily Properties

Residential Energy Assessment Program

Overview: With NYSERDA's no cost-home energy assessment, participants are able to take part in various programs that make it easy and affordable for families to improve their homes and become more energy efficient.

How it works: This program requires you to first schedule a home energy assessment. After your assessment is complete, your selected auditor will recommend energy improvements for you to lower your energy bills. Financing options will also be offered to those who are interested and eligible.

Applicability: Single Family Homes

Visit the NYSERDA Residential Energy Assessment Program website to learn more about the program and how to get started.

Photo of the roof of a house with solar panels.

Photo of the roof of a house with solar panels.

NY-Sun (Solar Program)

What is it? NYSERDA makes access to solar energy more accessible and affordable for homeowners, renters, and landlords by providing resources that allow New Yorkers to invest in solar.

How it works: NY-Sun offers expert guidance and resources to help you switch to solar. Some of the options include: detailed information on solar options, solar energy storage, guidance on financing options, and more. For more information, visit theSolar for Multifamily Buildings website or the Community Solar for homeowners, renters and co-op/condo owners website.

Applicability? Renters | Landlords & Single Family Homes

After finding your applicable program or inventive, look to see where you can combine your IRA tax credits and rebates with these state incentives. Homeowners, renters, and landlords all have the ability to save more money and lower our emissions to push forward our clean energy future!

Read Part One of our series, Tax Credits Under the IRA, and Part Two, Rebates Under the IRA.

By Deputy Public Advocate of Infrastructure & Environmental Justice Kashif Hussain, Community Organizer for Infrastructure & Environmental Justice Sasha St. Juste, Infrastructure & Environmental Justice Summer Intern Ava Sklar.

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