NYC Public Advocate Responds To ‘Right To Shelter’ Settlement

March 15th, 2024

Press Release

"The right to shelter does not expire in a set number of days, or in the face of dire need. I thank the Legal Aid Society and the Coalition for the Homeless for their fight to preserve this vital right, and the victories they’ve won today. The terms of this settlement, while temporary, are critical in preserving the underlying right to shelter, and to addressing some of the most egregious issues plaguing the system for both newly arriving migrants and longtime New Yorkers.While I believe that the time limits for placements remain worryingly short, this agreement will help to ensure that our newest New Yorkers are afforded more liveable conditions amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis, as well as addressing the need for more shelter space in a less jarring and haphazard way.  

"Today’s settlement is critical, but it is only one among many efforts needed to secure not only shelter but long-term housing for New Yorkers. This case was rooted in the arrival of asylum seekers, but the administration’s attacks on the right to shelter, and the state’s efforts to completely ignore it, began long before the first buses arrived at Port Authority. My office will closely monitor implementation of this agreement as we continue to work for more sustainable long-term solutions to the longstanding housing and homelessness crisis in our city." 

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