NYC Public Advocate’s Statement On The Death Of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller

March 25th, 2024

Press Release

"Officer Diller came to work today as he did every day, prepared to risk his safety to protect the city, and lost his life in service to our community. I join all New Yorkers to honor his sacrifice, and uplift his life and memory. I offer prayers of peace and comfort to his family, to his colleagues with the Queens South CRT, and to the entire NYPD. The city mourns with you tonight. New Yorkers know that even in the face of danger, even in a moment of mourning, NYPD officers will always bravely answer the 911 call of a New Yorker in need, and we are grateful for your courage and grieving in your loss.

"The plague of gun violence continues to devastate our city, to rob our neighbors of their family and friends, to inflict unimaginable pain. Officer Diller was a partner in public safety and service, and in his memory, we should embody that spirit."

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