Public Advocate's Response To Speaker Adams' State Of The City Address

March 13th, 2024

Press Release

"As Speaker Adams made clear in her address, helping New Yorkers find, afford, and stay in their homes is central to the state of our city. In addition to the vital efforts to create more deeply affordable units in neighborhoods citywide and protect tenants, it’s critical to fight deed theft and other unscrupulous efforts to force largely Black and Brown families from their homes and financial security. My office and I have been on the ground in neighborhoods most targeted, working with residents, and I would be proud to support the Council’s efforts to house New Yorkers now and for generations.

"In addition, as the Speaker noted, any policy is only as effective as its execution and implementation. I am glad to see the Speaker strengthening the Council’s oversight role, in addition to existing accountability tools. The state of our city depends on having a government that is fully staffed, fully functional, and fully committed to helping New Yorkers in need through essential services.” 

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