As Covid-19 Cases Rise, NYC Public Advocate Calls For New Alert System, Hybrid Model For City Workers

July 8th, 2022

Press Release

"Living with COVID doesn’t mean ignoring it. As cases are rising, the city must reinstate a color-coded COVID threat assessment system to better inform and guide people trying to protect themselves and their families amid an ongoing pandemic. Our office pushed for the creation of such a system for months. When this administration created one, it was already out of compliance with its own system – then ignored that system when the alert level was raised. While it’s true that our tools and strategies must evolve with the virus, those methods and metrics must be clear to New Yorkers.

"In line with those adapting approaches, it is past time for the city to support hybrid models of work wherever possible. My office is working remotely currently, and when we return in person, it will be on a hybrid schedule.

"Private companies are recognizing the new reality and offering hybrid options to prospective employees, and the city should be leading as a model, not lagging behind and losing valuable talent by creating unnecessary barriers and risks. Employees and employers alike know that hybrid work systems are possible. While clearly not all municipal jobs have the potential for hybrid work, exploring and enabling hybrid systems wherever possible is essential for a safer city and stronger workforce.

"For New York City to best serve its residents, it must hire and retain the best employees. Right now, the administration is chasing them away."

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