NYC Public Advocate Responds To The Nypd Protest Policing Settlement

September 5th, 2023

Press Release

"Throughout the protests in the summer of 2020, and many times since, we were told not to believe what we were seeing on video and experiencing on the ground when it came to overpolicing. Protests against abuse by law enforcement were met with abuse by law enforcement. I thank the Attorney General, as well as The Legal Aid Society and New York Civil Liberties Union, for pushing for crucial accountability. 

"Fortunately, this settlement seems to both acknowledge the reality of the harm done and create a framework for preventing it in the future. Focusing on de-escalation in the moment and clear accountability for misconduct will be essential in ensuring that these patterns of protest policing do not continue. It is also vital that measures are put in place to protect the safety and the freedom of the press of media outlets. Many of the stories that came out of these protests would never have been known without the transparency and accountability that reporters on the ground provide. 

"The reforms in this settlement are key, but only if they are properly implemented and enforced. Moving forward, my office will work to help ensure that the new measures, and the rights of New Yorkers to make their voices heard, are upheld."

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