NYC Public Advocate Calls Out Hypocrisy Of Trump Defenders Amid Bail Reform And Public Safety Debate

April 4th, 2023

Press Release

"As the disgraced former president faces his first arraignment for his many alleged crimes, the people calling his indictment an injustice and attacking District Attorney Bragg are among the same who called the District Attorney ‘soft on crime’ for his efforts to combat mass incarceration. The people claiming that this process is unreasonable or unfair to Donald Trump are among the same fighting even now to claw back bail reform and incarcerate more low-income Black and Brown New Yorkers.

"This outrage on behalf of Donald Trump makes it clear that their real goal is upholding a two-tiered system where whiter and wealthier defendants benefit at the expense of historically marginalized communities. Imagine if they had the same outrage on behalf of the thousands of New Yorkers held pre-trial, sometimes for years, on Rikers Island. Imagine if the same passion had been brought in defense of the wrongly-accused former Central Park Five as is being brought for the man who argued they should be executed.

"Trump is playing the victim, while in reality exercising privilege, power, and protections that no other defendant has, in a selfish and cruel action at the expense of others.

"Placing the former president above the law while working to change it in ways which harm the less privileged and powerful is a greater threat to public safety than any they claim to combat."

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