NYC Public Advocate Responds To The Administration's Latest Effort To Weaken The 'Right To Shelter'

May 24th, 2023

Press Release

"The administration’s continued, escalating efforts to weaken the right to shelter have moved into seeking permanent fixes for temporary issues. The answer to the real and urgent challenges presented by an influx of asylum seekers in need without the resources to support them is not to deny the need, it’s to find the resources. It is not the the New York City municipal government's responsibility to solve national immigration issues or statewide solutions, and the president needs to expedite federal funding and support, and the governor needs to expedite a statewide response. At the same time, this administration has opposed measures that would get more people into housing or raise revenue, both of which would help alleviate this challenge.

"In meeting this moment and its very real urgency and scope, we should not be focusing efforts on removing the rights of the most marginalized.We have to find ways to meet these needs – not deny them in a way that could resonate for as many decades as this essential ‘right to shelter’ standard has been in place."

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