NYC Public Advocate Responds To The Mayor's Asylum Seeker Response Blueprint

March 7th, 2023

Press Release

"The administration’s blueprint for the next phase of the ongoing asylum seeker crisis contains many promising ideas, many of which my office has advocated for since this crisis began. It also demonstrates intention to meet our moral and governing responsibility, one that must be shared with the state and federal government along with the financial burden of a holistic humanitarian response. I thank the administration and all who collaborated in developing this approach.

"While the intention and ideas behind this blueprint are commendable, its success relies on its implementation, much of which is unclear. Creating a new center rather than the Port Authority Bus Terminal is positive, but this area should be clearly designated and specified, as should the additional municipalities which I am glad to hear are ready to aid in meeting this challenge. It is true that this ongoing crisis is ever-shifting, but providing as much clarity as possible in these plans is essential to getting buy-in and successfully rolling them out.  

"I appreciate the administration’s continued focus on this issue, a focus shared by local leaders across the city who have been engaged in meeting this crisis and calling for further support from its onset. Unity, collaboration, and clarity are vital in continuing to meet this challenge together and aid our newest and aspiring New Yorkers."

This morning, the Public Advocate co-authored an op-ed in The Daily News about the city's response to asylum seekers and the need to provide adequate housing and other resources, as well as aid New Yorkers who have long been stuck in the shelter system. The piece, co-authored by Comptroller Brad Lander and City Council Committee on Immigration Chair Shahana Hanif, can be read here.

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