NYC Public Advocate Responds To The Supreme Court Striking Down Student Debt Relief

June 30th, 2023

Press Release

"Yesterday the court reshaped the college admissions process in a way that will decrease diversity and limit opportunities for people who have struggled against systemic adversity. Today, they’ve ensured that even those who are able to get into school, will continue to struggle against crushing student loan debt, effectively preventing advancement and opportunity that a degree should provide. In both cases, the aim seems clear – maintaining a tiered system in which those who already have resources, opportunities, and power maintain it, while those without are consigned to second-class status in perpetuity.

"Once again, while many will be hurt, Black and Brown Americans will be hit the hardest. The court has said, in essence, that the only people who deserve relief are richer, wealthier, and whiter Americans and corporations.

"The federal government should continue to explore avenues to relieve people of the student debt that follows them for decades, and on all levels of government, we have to work to make college more affordable and accessible to all, regardless of economic hardship and pain that this court is intent on preserving. "

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