NYC Public Advocate Responds To The Mayor Saying The Migrant Crisis Would ‘Destroy’ The City

September 8th, 2023

Press Release

"The mayor’s comments were more than politically damaging. They were dangerous, and could contribute to an increasingly hostile environment of xenophobia, which could ultimately threaten the safety of people who have come through unimaginable conditions seeking support. Whether the mayor meant for his words to be taken in that context, they have resonated in deeply harmful ways. Real concerns about resources, infrastructure, and frustrating federal inaction do not excuse words or attitudes that villainize our new and aspiring New Yorkers and Americans and pit people in need against one another. 

“The solution to a crisis created by bigoted conservative leaders is not to echo their rhetoric, but to refute it in words and actions. New York City has seen many waves of migration, has overcome many obstacles, and ultimately been stronger for it, including where there was no clear end in sight, such as the pandemic and more than one fiscal crisis. They did not “destroy New York City,” as some feared in the moment, partially because others tried to lead with hope and light. At the same time, turning people in need against one another could destroy the spirit with which New Yorkers unite and meet our moral obligation to support one another.”

The Public Advocate further discussed the comments and the migrant crisis this morning on The Brian Lehrer Show. Audio of his appearance is available here.

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