NYC Public Advocate's Response To The City's New School Admission Screening Policies

September 29th, 2022

Press Release

"The path to truly equitable education in New York City must go through more than screens. We saw earlier in the pandemic that removing screens opens up access equity, and while the new framework for high school admissions is an improvement on earlier iterations of screening policies, it represents a regression from the access afforded as recently as last year.

"Acknowledging a few more opportunities for a few more students is important. Even more important is acknowledging it is insufficient in the scope of existing inequity. It is built on an inherently flawed system, at a time when we should instead be investing in innovating and enriching all schools for all students. While the plan opens additional opportunities to some underserved students, it ultimately does a disservice to the larger communities of Black and Brown students, to lower income families and neighborhoods, and does not appear to adequately account for the needs of students with disabilities.

"Finally, the laissez-faire approach to middle school admissions will likely exacerbate longstanding issues. By not implementing citywide, system-wide standards that affirmatively advance educational justice, the opportunity for inequity will only expand in the same schools and communities where it has long persisted."

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