NYC Public Advocate's Response To The Mayor's Budget Presentation

April 26th, 2022

Press Release

"The budget framework that the mayor put forward today was encouraging — it seems to indicate broad agreement on some of the most urgent issues facing our city and in need of funding. There are points of disagreement on some specific approaches and allocations, there always are, and I will continue to highlight them. At the same, this proposal would make substantial investments toward many of the programs and initiatives our city desperately needs and that my office and I have long fought for.

"Public safety — not simply law enforcement but all it encompasses, including housing, healthcare, education, and economic justice — is clearly a priority in this budget, as well as for my office and for my colleagues in the City Council. I’m excited that many of the strategies and systems I’ve long advocated for are receiving the funds and focus they need. Additional funding for non-police responses to mental health crises, and for the community-based solutions to combat gun violence, are critical and welcome investments, and must be followed with a clear plan to better structuralize these systems and save lives. Substantially increasing youth services, both in school and over the summer through SYEP, is essential to not only meeting this moment for our city but for strengthening its future. I’m hopeful that as budget negotiations continue, as more details become known and clear, we can secure the resources needed to renew New York, building on strategies we know work and rejecting those that have failed New Yorkers for far too long.

"Much of what I heard from the mayor today was indicative of who I’ve worked with and the work we’ve done together to advance our city over the last decade in office. Over the next two months I look forward to working with the administration and the Council to finalize the budget — partnering where we agree, pushing where we differ, and prioritizing justice, equity, and investment in progressive solutions to the challenges our city faces."

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