NYC Public Advocate's Statement On The Council's Resolution To Authorize Legal Action Over The Administration's Failure To Comply With Voucher Laws

February 8th, 2024

Press Release

"The mayor’s opposition to a law doesn’t make it optional. I commend the Speaker and Council for taking this step, even though it should never have reached this point. Expanding access to vouchers amid an affordable housing crisis should not be a point of contention. It is a common sense step that will have a positive impact on the lives of many New Yorkers – which is why the Council passed the package in the first place, then overrode the mayor’s misguided veto. Expanding voucher access is key to helping New Yorkers get out of shelters and into permanent housing – and in this moment, to help alleviate the shelter challenges related to the arrival of migrants.

"Beyond this specific resolution, this controversy casts doubt on the administration’s willingness or ability to implement the public safety reforms which the Council overrode into law last week, and could lead to New Yorkers further distrusting the ability of the administration to serve the city’s needs. I hope that the administration will now realize the need to rebuild that trust instead of continuing to oppose the laws that their partners in government overwhelmingly enact."

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