NYC Public Advocate's Statement On The Cuomo Impeachment Report

November 22nd, 2021

Press Release

"This report is damning, if delayed. It documents both specific instances of harm and a clear overarching pattern of abuse of power within the Cuomo administration – one which many of us saw and challenged long before the pandemic. The former Governor engaged in repeated incidents of sexual misconduct, mishandled the COVID crisis, and focused time and resources on a book deal rather than combatting that crisis. He was clearly only ever interested in his own interests.

"Again and again throughout the report, we see how Andrew Cuomo abused his power and position to both commit egregious actions and coerce the people under his control to support both the actions themselves and the coverup. With the former Governor exerting such influence, it was and has always been important for those outside of it to use the power they have to stand independently and speak out about these instances of abuse – or to preemptively stand against the culture that enabled them. This impeachment report documents a series of terrible, preventable actions, and in holding Andrew Cuomo accountable, we must also account for how he was enabled and empowered.

"The former Governor’s conduct was clearly impeachable, and the legislature should explore how it can move forward to help ensure the full legal accountability– as a condemnation of the conduct displayed, the Cuomo administration that perpetrated it, and the systems in Albany that perpetuate these abuses."

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