NYC Public Advocate's Statement On The Governor's Budget Proposal

February 1st, 2023

Press Release

"I thank the governor for heeding our request for state funding to support asylum seekers, and I urge her to more strongly speak out moving forward, as well as further address the need to engage other municipalities statewide.  

"Prioritization of crises – or misprioritization – is clear across this budget, nowhere more so than in public safety. Increases in community-centered gun violence prevention, though far short of the investment needed, are certainly welcome. But they are paired with expansions in law enforcement and so-called 'hotspot' policing, a pursuit of failed policies of the past. Where is the discussion of providing other services to these 'hotspots' - whether economic opportunity, health services, or truly affordable housing? I’m glad that the governor is addressing housing and public safety, but this budget largely fails to see how those issues intersect at their roots, and does not address either one in a large enough scope or urgent enough timeline. Eventual development, though necessary, is not a substitute for affordability and protections now. 

"As we continue to review the budget specifics, it’s important to note what was highlighted in the address, what was minimized, and what it means for the governor’s priorities in the coming months of the budget process."

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