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June 5th, 2024

Press Release

“An indefinite pause on congestion pricing will do irreparable harm to the city while undermining public confidence in the program and its purpose. “No version of congestion pricing was going to make everyone happy. No policy ever does. That doesn’t detract from the reasons it was developed – to reduce vehicle congestion, protect our environment, and improve our public transit infrastructure – causes which the governor has now put second to politics.  “Governor Hochul had ample opportunity to make her concerns known – the city’s economic recovery from the pandemic didn’t suddenly become an issue three weeks before the implementation of a law over a decade in the making. To review the policy after it takes effect is understandable. To delay this program at the last moment, after investing millions to prepare for it, is irresponsible and inexcusable. “Stalling congestion pricing means New Yorkers will continue to face extreme wait times and breakdowns in the subways, while traffic inches along overhead. The governor controls the MTA – she should be more than familiar with the consequences of delays.”

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