NYC Public Advocate’s Statement On The 22nd Anniversary Of The September 11th Attacks

September 11th, 2023

Press Release

"It has been over two decades since the attacks on September 11, 2001, and like so many New Yorkers, I remember the morning clearly. It is a memory that will forever be ingrained in our minds and live permanently within our hearts. The sense of fear and uncertainty, the devastation, and the grief. Twenty-two years later, we will never forget the men and women who lost their lives tragically on September 11, nor the people who suffered years later from injuries and illnesses as a result of the attacks, many of whom sacrificed their own safety as first responders. We are reminded to celebrate their lives as we mourn their deaths.

“9/11 left a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of New Yorkers, and on the people of our nation. It brought immense sorrow to our country, while providing a sense of strength and determination for us all to support one another – our fellow New Yorkers, fellow Americans – and to uplift each other through difficulty and turmoil. The loss felt insurmountable, and the unity unprecedented as it filled the city, and the entire country, with empathy. A day which should have weakened us made us stronger. United us. 

“I pray for continued healing for the families who lost loved ones, and for the city. I know that the pain will take a lifetime to heal, but I pray it will get better with each year that passes. New York is a city of resilience and will continue to move forward in strength, courage, peace and hope.”

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