NYC Public Advocate's Statement On Reports Of Mayor's Plan To Veto Key Public Safety Legislation

January 18th, 2024

Press Release

"As the mayor reportedly plans to veto two bills critical to public safety, I would implore him to read the bills we passed, rather than the deceitful misinformation he and others have pushed. A full understanding of the legislation makes it clear that enacting these reforms will be good for public safety, while preventing them will make our city less safe. Mayor Adams is following in the path toward the wrong side of history where Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg have gone before.

"A symbolic veto of the bills that the Council will ultimately override would be a misguided strategy which would only undermine the public’s confidence in the administration to make the city safer and more just. I urge the mayor to stop fear-mongering, stop misinforming people he claims to serve, read the bills, and reconsider."

Read the full text to Intro. 549-A, a bill to ban solitary confinement in city jails, and Intro. 586-A, a bill to advance transparency in policing.

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