NYC Public Advocate's Statement On The Resignation Of Andrew Cuomo

August 10th, 2021

Press Release

"Finally. Many of us have known for a long time that Andrew Cuomo was the wrong Governor for New York. The last several months have plainly revealed that to the world as brave women who endured the Governor's abuse have spoken out, and as his administration has attempted to attack and ignore them. And while I hope that today gives the survivors of his conduct some semblance of peace and measure of justice, it is not a day of triumph and celebration - even the words of his resignation statement inflicted pain on survivors across the state. Today I am reflecting on the totality of the harm done, the systems that enable it, and the work ahead to dismantle those systems.

"Andrew Cuomo has only ever been interested in his own interests. As a result of his forced resignation, state government can now work solely for the people of New York. Resignation does not undo the harm he inflicted on the women who came forward. Nor does it reduce the damage that his abusive governance has long wrought. But it creates an opportunity to begin to recover.

"Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul and I have disagreed in the past about the direction of our state and its leadership. At the same time, in assuming this role, we need her to stabilize New York in a perilous moment and against an incessant volley of crises, and I - as we all should be- am ready to work with her to recover from this pandemic and rebuild New York. I hope that over the coming months she will be able to begin to address the toxic culture created by Governor Cuomo and those around him who empowered and enabled him, and all the damage the administration has wrought.

"It is my hope that this serves as a time for us to reframe notions of what a strong public servant should embody. Being a leader, rather than playing one on TV. Fighting for justice, not for power. Serving the needs of the oppressed, not propping up the oppressor.With Governor Cuomo removed from the position of power that he long abused, I am optimistic that we can restore that power to the people and repurpose it to renew New York."

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