Public Advocate Nominates Housing Justice Organizer And Progressive Activist To City Planning Commission

January 5th, 2021

Press Release

Public Advocate Jumaane D. Williams announced today that he will nominate Cea Weaver, campaign coordinator for the Housing Justice for All coalition and prominent progressive activist, to serve on the City Planning Commission. In a letter to the Speaker Corey Johnson Tuesday, the Public Advocate formally designated Weaver as his nominee, beginning the process of confirming her appointment.

Cea Weaver is a housing organizer, community advocate, and urban planner in New York City. She currently coordinates Housing Justice for All, a statewide coalition of over 100 organizations that represent tenants and homeless New Yorkers in Albany. She coordinated the 2019 campaign to strengthen and expand tenants' rights across the State and in 2020 worked to win an eviction moratorium during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has worked in affordable housing policy and planning in NYC for over a decade.

Weaver, who holds a masters degree in Urban Planning from NYU, would be Public Advocate Williams' first appointment to the City Planning Commission (CPC), filling the seat on the 13-member body that also includes an appointment by each Borough President and six by the Mayor, who also appoints the commission's Chair. Her nomination represents a bold progressive choice that has the potential to significantly shape the work of the commission and the future of the City of New York. Commissioners serve for five years, and may serve multiple consecutive terms.

"The City Planning Commission can be an instrument of change and progress, one that helps shape the city in the midst of this crisis and in the long recovery we face," said Public Advocate Williams in announcing the nomination. "Cea Weaver has been an unwavering advocate for equity and justice on behalf of New Yorkers, and has helped to lead movements with real, tangible, transformational impact on the lives of people in our city and state - I have been proud to work with her in many of these fights. Her background, qualifications, commitment to fighting for progress and track record of achieving it make her ideally suited to this position and this moment, and I urge the City Council to quickly confirm her appointment."

The City Planning Commission is responsible for the conduct of planning relating to the orderly growth and development of the City, including adequate and appropriate resources for the housing, business, industry, transportation, distribution, recreation, culture, comfort, convenience, health and welfare of its population. The Commission meets regularly to hold hearings and vote on applications concerning the use, development and improvement of real property subject to City regulation. Weaver would succeed Michelle de la Uz, who was first nominated for the position by now-Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2012.

"The City Planning Commission makes decisions that guide the growth and development of New York City. Those decisions should be based on people, not profits," said Cea Weaver. "It is a public entity and should be driven by and for the public good rather than private interests. Working class and marginalized New Yorkers are facing housing unaffordability and displacement; a public health and economic crisis that has devastated so many while insulating and enriching those at the top; and the existential threat posed by climate change. As the Public Advocate's appointment to the Commission, I will use my voice and my vote to tackle these challenges head on."

Following the nomination, the City Council will hold a hearing and confirmation vote.

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