Public Advocate Responds To Results Of The Attorney General's Report On Governor Cuomo's Misconduct

August 3rd, 2021

Press Release

"The Attorney General's investigation confirmed today what we've known since the first courageous women came forward with their experiences - the Governor repeatedly, with intent and without care for the pain he caused or concern for consequences, sexually harassed multiple women, violating the law and the standards which we must demand, especially of our elected officials. A thorough, independent process documented these patterns of abuse, creating a space for voices to be heard while many were trying to silence or ignore them. I thank the women who came forward to reveal these truths and seek justice in the face of the deflections, denials, and excuses by the Governor and those he empowered. There is no excuse. And there can be no denying the need for justice.

"Andrew Cuomo has acted for his entire career with abusive impunity, but his shamelessness cannot equate with immunity. He created a culture of abuse which he has long employed to evade accountability, but the creation of that culture itself demands accountability. He cannot continue to serve as Governor, and must resign immediately or be impeached expeditiously."

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