Williams Calls On City And State To Release Real-time Covid-19 Vaccination Demographic Data

January 19th, 2021

Press Release

"Speed, equity, and efficiency are not mutually exclusive aspects of vaccine distribution - they are as interconnected as they are essential. The city and state were delayed in recognizing and responding to the disparity in COVID-19 cases and resource distribution for some demographic and geographic groups, with deadly results. We cannot repeat the same errors in distributing the vaccine, particularly in a moment when trust in government is both critical and critically depleted.

"I have called on the city and state to transparently report the data of vaccine distribution to date, continue those reports in real time, and demonstrate a strategy for reaching high risk communities and high risk workers moving forward with the limited supply of doses available. When the administration delayed the release of demographic data we requested on social distancing enforcement, it ultimately showed what we suspected- communities of more color disproportionately harmed. If the same is true now, immediate steps must be taken to expose and address disparity. Getting the vaccine to New Yorkers quickly and safely is an incredible challenge, but with strong leadership, not an insurmountable one."

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