Williams Responds To Governor Cuomo's Refusal To Step Down

March 12th, 2021

Press Release

"Confronted with the prospect of having to face true accountability, Governor Cuomo has continued to reveal who he has always been behind the made-for-TV image he hopes people will believe. He has adopted a strategy of deflecting questions, denying responsibility, and dodging accountability - and today, seemingly daring to impugn the motives of the courageous survivors who have come forward. It was grotesquely Trumpian, inexcusable, and entirely expected.

"Every day, the Governor shows more clearly why he cannot lead our state - a rapid acceleration of a revelation that has been ongoing for weeks, months, and years. In creating and then covering up the nursing home crisis as part of a failed pandemic response that made New York the epicenter of the epicenter and disproportionately impacted Black and brown New Yorkers, in setting up the Buffalo Billion and shutting down the Moreland Commission, in expediting the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge at the expense of safety, and in moving to undermine any checks on his own authority, he has long demonstrated that he prioritizes acquiring and abusing power, no matter who is hurt or how. As we face this critical moment for New York, with crises compounding and a budget looming, he must relinquish that power or have it taken from him."

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