Williams' Statement On The 100th Anniversary Of The Tulsa Race Massacre

May 31st, 2021

Press Release

"One hundred years ago today in Tulsa, Black Wall Street burned. Hundreds of lives were lost as a violent mob, desperate to uphold white supremacy and oppress their Black neighbors, descended on a thriving Black community with bloodshed, burnings and bombings, destroying lives and livelihoods.

"This tragedy is so underdiscussed, undertaught, buried through willfulness and ignorance, that it can now feel incredibly distant by design. But as survivors of this attack know, as they still suffer the harm of a century ago, the massacre in Tulsa is not so far removed from this moment.

"For a mob fighting to uphold white supremacy through violence, we need only look back to January of this year. For efforts to suppress Black power, steal Black wealth, and take Black lives, we need only to look around our nation.

"The truth is that we're still rebuilding Tulsa. There, and in communities that have been denied support and investment all across the country, we are still waiting for renewal. And we must continue to fight back against systems that are working as designed to prevent that."

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