Williams' Statement In Celebration Of Christmas

December 25th, 2020

Press Release

"Merry Christmas! At this time of year, many of us in New York and around the world mark the birth of Jesus Christ. His story is one of humble beginnings which we explore today, of a refugee in a time of turmoil who sought a better future and made a better world. His message of agitation for justice and equity, of standing up to the oppressor and standing for the oppressed, is as revolutionary today as it was then, and has sustained and inspired across millennia.

"Christmas is a time for joyful tradition and peaceful fellowship. This year, we may need to adapt many of our traditions, as the ongoing pandemic prevents us from gathering together with family and friends. Instead, we look to what those traditions represent, the opportunity they afford us to exhibit love and kindness in recognition of what is honored on Christmas, and to carry that spirit with us, no matter where and how we are celebrating.

"The holidays are about coming together - even while apart - as one family, to celebrate the blessings we have been given and the values we hold dear. On behalf of my own family, I wish a joyous Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating today in the city I am honored to serve."

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