Williams' Statement On The Confirmation Of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

April 7th, 2022

Press Release

"Congratulations to Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson on her confirmation and historic ascension to the Supreme Court. The history she makes today will be followed and compounded by the decisions she will craft, as her voice helps to define the direction of our country for decades to come.

"This moment will reverberate across our country as young women, and especially young Black women like my two daughters, see the first Black woman on the Supreme Court and feel the importance of her place in history as well as the impact of her place on the bench. Her record of achievement and her resolve in the face of attacks each speak to the powerful, critical role she will play as an eminently qualified and deeply thoughtful addition to the Court.

"While today we celebrate her confirmation, Justice Jackson’s hearings served as another reminder that Black women are held to different and ever-changing standards in our country. The country watched - Black women watched - as Republican senators unleashed their anger, resentment, and bitterness over Justice Kavanaugh’s hearings on Justice Jackson, attempted to malign her unblemished record with outright lies, and ultimately voted against her.

"In spite of this, Justice Jackson was confirmed on the Senate floor on a bipartisan basis, with 53 senators voting to confirm the first Black woman to the Supreme Court – and in the wake of her trailblazing leadership, I hope that what represents a historic first today becomes the norm in the future. With critical issues coming before the Court, and a mandate to move our nation forward, I am eager to see Justice Jackson’s work to, in her own words, make ‘equal justice under the law a reality, not just an ideal.’"

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