Williams' Statement On Council Vote To Increase City Housing Voucher Value

May 27th, 2021

Press Release

"When CityFHEPS housing vouchers are valued far less than the units they’re intended for, they become essentially useless – all but ensuring that New Yorkers most in need of safe, stable, affordable housing will not be able to access it. Half-measures perpetuate the affordable housing and homelessness crisis rather than meaningfully addressing it, and as rents continue to rise, the current voucher value becomes more inadequate.

"Intro. 146-C will fundamentally transform the program, matching CityFHEPS voucher value to federal Section 8 subsidies. New York should be leading the nation in efforts to provide low-income individuals and families access to quality housing – but it must at least be on par with national standards. This legislation would be transformative for homeless, housing insecure, and extremely low income New Yorkers – it’s fiscally prudent and morally necessary.

"I congratulate Council Member Levin, the City Council, and all of the dedicated advocates who have worked for years to finally bring Intro 146 to a vote, and I look forward to the Council passing it today."

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