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Stay Engaged Summer 2023: Youth Employment & Enrichment Resource Guide

August 4th, 2023

At the Office of the New York City Public Advocate, we know that opportunities and programs that champion and uplift our young people as the leaders they are today are what make New York City so strong and special. Over the course of his time in elected office, Public Advocate Jumaane D. Williams has been a strong champion for the expansion of quality Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) and enrichment opportunities for young people and young adults.

Even with historic investments in youth employment, the demand continues to outweigh the number of available seats. With this knowledge and continued advocacy, it was important for us to share other opportunities for youth who may have not received an SYEP spot this year or for those who are interested in exploring other options. We recognize the value of enjoying the summer break with relaxation and fun activities while encouraging opportunities to learn and grow, perhaps even earning income!

Before you get started, take a moment to bookmark these resources that are always available:

OFFICIAL Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) Alternatives

FREE at All Public Libraries: Locally based public libraries are a great comprehensive source of free verified information, events, training, and more. Libraries are prepared to support the neighborhood! Note, each location will vary in offerings:

Locations to Your Public Libraries

In an effort to bridge the gap between SYEP availability and young people’s demand, we heard the need for a growing comprehensive list of possible options our city’s students, young adults, parents, and guardians could research when seeking employment, and/or access to educational, entertainment, enriching activities. By no means is this an exhaustive list and we look forward to continuing to add to and offer more details in the future.

DISCLAIMER: The Office of the Public Advocate does not expressly endorse any of these programs. They are included for informational purposes only. Please review these programs to ensure that they meet you and your child's needs. And enjoy and maximize the remainder of Summer 2023!

Take Action Today! Explore Available Opportunities:

Become Your Community’s Youth Public Advocate - Engage In Advocacy!

Help an organization spread the word about an issue you support. This is a great Opportunity to learn more about current or pending legislation, join rallies, marches, letter writing campaigns, etc.

  • Advocacy Opportunities
    • STEP 1: Click the Advocacy link and select an organization.
    • STEP 2: Subscribe to their newsletter.
    • STEP 3: Go to their ‘Contact Us’ page and share how they can get in touch with you, so you can get more involved with their advocacy work.
    • STEP 4: Take part in upcoming online or in-person actions and initiatives!

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By Deputy Public Advocate of Education & Opportunity Elizabeth Kennedy, Community Organizer Danna Lennon-Thomas, Graphic Designer Luiza Teixeira-Vesey, Deputy Digital Media Director Mirielle Clifford, Deputy Director of Technology, Development & Data Ketan Sinha, and Summer Intern, Education & Opportunity William “Quinn” Morgan-McClelland

Image: Summer 2023 Intern Class, by Caroll Campos for the New York City Public Advocate's Office

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